Saturday, November 17, 2007

happy weekend!

Today a new sun rises for me,
everything lives, everything is animated,

everything speaks to me of my passion,

everything invites me to cherish it.

-Anne De Lenclos

I don't know about you, but I get excited about Saturday mornings... It's the beginning of a promising, fun-filled weekend. Saturday morning is for allowing the morning sunshine to awaken me leisurely, and not stumbling to hit the snooze button of my alarm clock. I think about what I can do to unwind and regroup after a busy week -- taking long walks, practicing yoga, baking, meeting friends for coffee. I try to do at least one thing (or two or three) I'm passionate about, to renew my energy. I think that's why I find my weekend walks to be so sacred -- I'm not in a rush to finish a certain number of miles by a certain time, unlike some weekday walks in which all I can spare is 30 minutes. And in some of those weekday walks, I'm not really walking sometimes. I'm thinking about a million different things, multi-tasker that I am. On weekends though, I just walk, breathing in the energy of the earth around me. And truly, the earth has so much to offer this time of year -- the leaves changing color, the crisp, cool air... I can't help but feel incredibly blessed.

So this weekend, find something you are passionate about. Find something that will make you feel refreshed and re-energized, and do it. Whether it's for half an hour, an hour, or two... do nothing else but that one thing. "Everything invites [you] to cherish it."

Happy weekend!

photo taken by Mom, November 2006, Alms Park, Cincinnati

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