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Hello! Welcome to Savor Everyday... formerly Anandani Yoga.

When I started a blog, I had just finished my yoga teacher training, and thought I would write exclusively about yoga. Much has changed since then, and the blog has evolved and changed with me as I "grew". This blog has also become a creative outlet - a way to balance out the left-brained part of my life.

This is where I write about my perspective on living, breathing, and being present in the many parts of my life that intersect: family, work, food, photography, yoga, wellness, and spirituality. Because it is in all of these things that I learn to savor each day.

It is about going through life's journey and finding little glimpses of inspiration along the way.

It's about nourishment...be it through vegetables or chocolate, nature or art, movement or stillness, work or play, and through family, friendship, and the connections we all share.

It is about experiencing the sacred in the everyday. 

It is about my desire to connect with others and find a path to mindful and authentic living.

So I try to savor each day… whether it's through a delicious bite, a fleeting moment in a photograph, or a blissful yoga stretch. And yes, sometimes it involves cake for breakfast. :)

I love hearing from you, so comments and conversation are welcome. My hope is that this blog can become your online "Third Place" in which we can interact meaningfully and creatively. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you stay awhile.

PS: My apologies if you see any broken links during this blog transition...

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