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I feel incredibly grateful for having experienced traveling from an early age. As I joke to others, my first traveling experience was prenatally, when my mother was visiting in Manhattan and pregnant with me. In fact, I was weaned off my bottle during my first international flight from the Philippines to the US, for a family vacation. I don't even fully remember this story myself - I can just re-tell it after how many times it came up in our family conversations as we reminisce our traveling days. Apparently I was embarrassed to have my bottle out on the plane ride. So that was it - I was done.

I remember all my family's traveling adventures with fondness. We didn't have luxuries growing up, but traveling was our luxury that also served as an education and a wellspring of the best family memories. From long road trips to the northernmost tip of the Philippines to trains and subways in Europe - we grew up with wanderlust. So much that I even got lost (momentarily) in London when I was 8 years old.

Fast forward to 2003, when I moved to the US for graduate studies and then a job... and unfortunately, my immigration status resulted in travel complications. So international travel was on hold for a long time. But hopefully, soon enough, that will change. we now have our green cards and can travel freely... yeah!!!

(travel photos and stories coming soon)

This side of the pond

Asheville, NC (Part 1, 2a, 2b, and 3)

Bartlett, NH

Chicago, IL

Cincinnati, OH

Cleveland, OH

Manhattan, NY

Palo Alto/San Francisco, Santa Ana, San Diego, CA

Portland, OR

Boston, MA

The Berkshires, MA



Philippines (here and here)



India, Part 1
India, 2012
India, 2013

Beijing, China


my travel bucket list...viaggiare e vivere ("to travel is to live")

New Hampshire ~ summer 2006


"If you're going to travel, then travel. 
Leave your rituals and habits at home in order to have an experience. 
Forget the hamburgers and steaks and running shoes. 
Don't panic because you're encountering difference. 
Remember, that's why you left home in the first place. 
Also, go with an agenda but let things happen. 
Keep asking everyone you meet - cabdrivers, waitresses, shop clerks - 
"What's new here? What should I see and do?" 
Don't just rely on books; be present. 
Let the spirit of the place seduce you. 
Stroll and wander. 
Be open to the happenstance of life. 
Do the things you've longed to do. 
If you're in Paris, climb the Eiffel Tower; eat escargot; go to the Louvre. 
But, also end up in local restaurants that no one's heard of. 
Turn down an unmarked street. 
Have an experience that isn't translatable." 

-  Eva Jeanbart-Lorenzotti in the 2011 Sept/Oct Issue of Lonny Magazine


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