Sunday, September 7, 2008

don't just look... notice.

Lesson #3 from my nephews: Stop and smell the flowers. (or look at a hairy, creepy bug... or whatever it is they are looking at)

I love how wonderfully in-the-moment my nephews are in the photo above.

In our yoga practice, let's also notice.... how are we breathing? Are we breathing with a steady ease? Or does it become choppy during a challenging pose?

At home, notice how a family member/friend feels... do we stop and listen?

At work, also notice... are we hunched over as we type on the keyboard? How do we breathe as we finish a project to meet a deadline? Do we interact with our coworkers/clients hurriedly or do we really pay attention?

Towards ourselves, do we give ourselves time to pause within our busy workday?

I'm ready to light a candle, make myself some tea and sit on my balcony. And do nothing else for at least five minutes.

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