Tuesday, November 25, 2008


My poison of choice: soy dark-chocolate-orange mocha. Not in a teeny-tiny coffee cup, but in a mug as big as a soup bowl.

Start with some fair trade whole coffee beans from your local coffee roaster, and grind according to your coffeemaker specs... warm some soy milk, and add melted dark chocolate, and a few drops of orange extract.


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Knuckleduster13 said...

that is a mug! haha are those pink higlighters? im sure there are post its there somewhere :) have a good one buddy

Mia said...

hahaha! yes those are pink highlighters, and yes i have different colors of pens, highlighters and post-its. some things never change :)

Kim said...

Yummm... sounds like a mug-full of tootsie rolls!

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