Sunday, August 2, 2009


It's been almost a month since I've written on this blog. As much as I think writing is therapeutic, I have been stress-cooking for the past few weeks. I made enough to feed an army. The funny thing about it is, there have been many days in which I didn't even feel like eating. But I stress-cooked anyway. I call it culinary therapy. There's something about chopping vegetables, stirring, smelling, and watching ingredients come together. It's like an escape from the many thoughts and worries going through my head, as I do nothing else but slice, dice, and stir... while listening to the calming, rhythmic sound of the knife blade against the bamboo cutting board, smelling herbs and spices come together like magic.

So one weekend I made 3 Indian dishes and 2 batches of Vietnamese yogurt. Oh, and my own hand cream.

Perhaps my "happy homemaker" mood is giving me this grounding feeling which I need so badly in times of uncertainty.

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Kim said...

I love this: culinary therapy! I feel really happy when I am preparing food too.

Mia said...

YES! I love the positive energy that I get from cooking. :)

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