Tuesday, April 27, 2010

food elimination chronicles

Ok, so I gave up all dairy products last week. I dutifully recorded everything I ate onto a file on my computer, and recorded whether or not I had a headache, including the time.

I still had headaches, often in the evening.

So I'm not giving up on food headache triggers yet, but now I'm thinking that my headaches are EYESTRAIN-related. Since they have been happening towards the end of the day, after a LONG day of looking at the computer (and ironically, here I am, past midnight, BLOGGING. Hmmm.)

A newfound friend/long-lost distant cousin "found" me on facebook recently, and due to our mutual interest in yoga, healthy living,  and nutrition, we've been exchanging messages back and forth over the past couple of weeks. With her education and experience in nutrition, below was her advice for an elimination diet to find out the culprit behind my headaches:

Week 1: give up wheat (GASP! There goes my bread...)
Week 2: give up soy (There goes my soy milk; but this is ok since I like almond milk.)
Week 3: give up dairy (There goes my parmigiano-reggiano. A little tough, but not too bad.)

Ok, so for the next day or so, I will be slowly finishing up the rest of my bread so I can start going wheat-free on Wednesday. Hello, rice and barley. Thank goodness for my Filipino roots because I LOVE rice. I have to be careful about other sources of wheat though such as seitan (which I really don't buy much of anyway, as they seem to be heavily processed) and even soy sauce (which I have occasionally and sparingly with veggie sushi). But I have wheat-free tamari and Bragg's liquid aminos as alternatives, so that will be ok.

Surprisingly, she didn't mention chocolate :)
(Thank goodness for dairy-free dark chocolate)

AND she didn't mention nuts and nut butters :)

Also, this comes at a good time... it's almost the end of the semester, and being headache-free would definitely be a good thing.

More soon...

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