Saturday, May 1, 2010

a real-life love story... and perhaps the best ever.

Happy Anniversary to my Mom and Dad!

my parents in Bohol, Philippines

November, 1970. My parents meet at a mutual friend's party. There was a power outage, but that didn't stop the sparks from flying... perhaps the darkness made the sparks even brighter.

February, 1971. My dad proposes to my mom. Mom accepts.

May 1, 1971. Wedding bells and I-do's.

May 1, 2010... 39 years and going strong... and honeymooning at every opportunity.
Through a daughter's eyes, your lives have been about giving. Of each other, and to teach other. To us, your children... and to others, family or not. And for that I am inspired, and of course, truly grateful. You truly have set the bar.

Much love to you, Mom and Dad.

(Photo shared by my Dad)

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