Tuesday, June 1, 2010

the art of doing nothing

I still have to train myself to enjoy do-nothing days.

The Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, we decided to head over to a vineyard outside of Cleveland. After about an hour's drive from the city, we found ourselves in South River Vineyard, and it was a perfect setting for doing nothing.

The wine-tasting is done in an old church building...

With a purchase of a bottle of wine, you also get a platter of crackers, cheese, and dark chocolate (I preferred the chocolate that I keep in my purse though.)

We decided on a light, but not-too-sweet wine called "Temptation." It was a rose wine "with strawberry and lilac nuances."

I liked the name of this wine:

And there is an outdoor seating area where you can savor wine while enjoying the sunshine...

...gaze at the vineyard and the setting sun, and dream of a life of a vintner.

And do nothing else.

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