Monday, June 20, 2011

taking a leap... plus, a website on yoga anatomy and alignment

teaching yoga at Burnett Woods park (2009)

I have to say that I have not been teaching yoga for the past 2 years, at least. After going through my teacher training and receiving my certification some years ago, I taught part-time (one class a week) while trying to juggle a full-time day job -- which I loved -- and part-time graduate studies -- which I loved too, enough to quit my day job and go full-time with school.

Needless to say, teaching yoga took a backseat. Waaay in the back.

Partly because of time constraints (and we all know how I'm still constantly learning about time management), and partly because it took some time for me to find a yoga community that resonates with me after I moved here. But mostly because I didn't feel qualified enough to teach after taking such a long break.

But, I am happy to say that I've found IT! A yoga community, I mean. Since the beginning of the year, I have been taking classes with an amazing instructor. The classes are small, and, while not advertised as private, they almost seem that way, with a regular group of people attending. The instructor has a lighthearted, yet very informed style of teaching. I was blown away by her knowledge on alignment. And not just alignment in terms of lining up your feet a certain way in the Warrior poses. No, not just the alignment of the extremities, but pelvic alignment - so that alignment comes from way deep in the source, allowing everything else to open up. Wow. I'm still trying to take it all in. I've never explored pelvic alignment to this extent in any yoga class before. As I learn more, I hope to share more on this blog as well.

Recently, I decided to take a leap. After not having taught yoga for a while, and not having had any "formal" continuing education opportunities in yoga recently, I talked to the instructor and asked if I could assist her in her classes (such as by giving students adjustments). I knew I wanted to learn from her. She was thankfully very open to the idea and I was really appreciative of her warmth and enthusiasm; understanding that it does take time and energy to mentor someone. 

She shared this website with me called Bandha Yoga, and I've been studying the (web)pages and pages of anatomy information.

So, I'm learning. And loving it. And grateful for people who love to teach and willingly do so.

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Anne said...

very excited for you mia! it sounds like your feet are extending roots over there :-)

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