Monday, April 15, 2013

Locks of Love haircut, v.4.0

This is no longer news to those of you who know me, but...

Every few years, I grow my hair really long and donate it to Locks of Love. Although my hair is generally healthy and grows well, it does take some time to reach ten inches (the minimum requirement) and also have enough hair left over.

Usually, I just go to a salon that offers Locks of Love haircuts as part of their services - meaning they will cut your hair (for free!)  and send your "locks" to Locks of Love for you.

But this year, I really wanted a haircut from the expert hands of Drea, a good friend of mine in the Philippines with whom I went to college. She's actually uber-successful back home, and my other college friend and I joke that we can now say that our claim to fame is "we went to college with Drea!"

Since I was in the Philippines in December and January, I thought, might as well get my haircut then. So I went to her salon, armed with a little zip-lock bag where I can place my cut locks until such time that I can mail it myself to Locks of Love. This was my fourth time doing this, but I've always just had it done at an affiliated salon and never mailed it in myself.


Drea joked that my hair was so thick, it dulled her scissors!

Needless to say, we had a great time catching up on our lives while she cut and styled my hair, not having seen each other in years!


I thought it would be funny if my baggage got searched at the airport upon arrival in the US and an officer found my little plastic bag of hair... just imagine: "Ma'am, can you explain this organic material???"

Thankfully, that did not happen. So the week I arrived back here, I went ahead and mailed my locks.

I kept wondering if they received it or not, and finally last month I received this:

Since this was my first time mailing it in myself - instead of the salon mailing it for me - I was pleasantly surprised to receive a little "thank you"!

(It really had my legal name on the certificate, but I'm not posting that here.)

Consider donating your hair to Locks of Love! Click here for more information. 

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anne said...

this post is a great reminder that we can offer ourselves, and help, in so many different ways.

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