Sunday, March 1, 2009

a deliciously slow morning

I woke up this morning at 7:20 am, without an alarm clock. And it's Sunday. For me, that's EARLY.

But as early as it was, I felt rested, even after 6 or so hours of sleep. Coming from someone who needs 7-8 hours, that's unusual. It must be the morning sunshine, the warmth pouring into my bedroom and onto my skin. This is what waking up should be.

I checked the time and couldn't believe that it was only 7 in the morning. I thought maybe the power went off sometime during the night and my clock was wrong. I checked the time on my cell phone. Yes, it was 7:20.

Today, the first of March, holds the promise of spring, the coming warmth, longer days, and baby leaves.

I get up and look for my camera.

Two hours later...

It is a quiet morning, save for the sound of the camera clicking. It is a morning meant for taking pause. Forgotten tea.

*Thank you, EyesOpenWide, for the really great mug!*

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cyberlaundry said...

I love, love, love the post.
I love, love, love the pictures.

Mia said...

Hey Cyberlaundry!!!
Thanks, dear! I love, love, love mornings like that :)

SiouxsieQ said...

I love your photos! Kepler is doing GREAT at pre-school. His time with you was certainly very valuable.

Mia said...

Hi Susan! I am happy to hear that Kepler is doing so well! Glad we can stay in touch somehow in the blogosphere... I love looking at Kepler's pictures.
Thank you for visiting my blog, and for your feedback on my photos!

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