Monday, March 16, 2009

my million-dollar question of the moment

Ok, so maybe it's not really a million-dollar question. But it's my current burning question:

How does one balance...

- a full-time job
- a part-time doctoral program
- exercise... I miss my long walks, which seem to be limited to a weekend-only event now
- yoga and meditation, and all things related to self-care
- shopping for real food (this IS important to me, you know)
- cooking real food from scratch
- keeping the apartment fairly clean and organized
- staying abreast with current events -- beyond listening to NPR for 10 minutes in the morning during my drive to work
- time with friends...especially those I haven't seen in MONTHS like this gal, and this one too.
- time to nurture my spirituality
- reading for pleasure (ok, so maybe that's pushing it)

... and at the same time, get at least 7 hours of sleep and stay somewhat sane? And do the things that feed my soul, like photography and art/culture events and baking one cake a week?

Any ideas?

Or do I really have too many irons in the fire?

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Kim said...

A very good question. One of the benefits of a full rich life! I ask for divine guidance in how to balance everything in my life. I even named this year 'Balance & Harmony'. I've heard many times the story of prioritizing... to put the big stuff first, and then the medium stuff, and then there's room for some of the small stuff. But, if I fill my jar with the little stuff first, my jar will be overflowing by the time I get to the big stuff.

Mia said...

Kim, I love that analogy of filling a jar with the big stuff first... I'll definitely remember that! I think my problem sometimes is that I get so distracted by those "little" projects I want to do...just random things that shouldn't really be a priority at that point in time.

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