Thursday, December 3, 2009

change, growth, new beginnings, and all that good stuff


I finally made it to Kent State University. After a long 3 months of stress-cooking, non-sleeping, and nail-biting, waiting for the approval for my change of status (student visa) with the CIS.

So I can only say, THANK YOU. To the higher power and universal energy that presents wonderful opportunities such as this one. To my awesome family and dear friends who supported me throughout my time of reflecting, thinking, and decision-making (complete with the Excel spreadsheet of pros and cons and the point system - thanks, Dad), and The Big Move (you know who you are). To those I called on the phone at odd times of the day so that I could cry and release my stress.

It's been a couple of weeks now and I'm slowly getting settled in... it's an adjustment at first, but I know this will be good. Even if this wasn't an easy decision, perhaps I always knew in my gut that this IS a good decision. This was the answer to the unrest I was feeling in my previous situation. Change is hard, but Change is necessary, when you need room to grow.

But leaving is always bittersweet. Cincinnati has been home to me for 6 years! I have come to know and love the city. For its old charm. Its art. Its best-kept secrets. The little pockets of places with a strong local vibe and increasingly-progressive thinking. And most of all, for its people...people I have built wonderful friendships with. Warm, generous people who have "adopted" me as their daughter, their sister. THANK YOU.

I read this quote in a photographer's blog:
We leave small pieces of ourselves everywhere we go, but take so much in exchange along with us, to keep us warm, to keep us amazed, and growing. Change is a blessing. It reminds me, always, of the uncanny ability of this universe to keep surprising me.
- Vincent Mounier

So many choices, so many opportunities. Places to see, people to meet, flavors to smell and taste. Challenges to experience and overcome. Things to dream about. Moments to live with wonder and amazement. To all that, I say YES.

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