Wednesday, December 23, 2009

to my Grandma...with love

My beautiful grandmother
January 16, 1914 - December 22, 2009

My grandmother left her earthly body on Tuesday morning at 11:00 am (Philippine time, GMT+8), or Monday night at 10 pm (Ohio time, GMT-5). I spoke with my family last night and they said she went peacefully in her sleep.

She lived a long, full life.

My grandmother ALWAYS lived in the present.

Wherever she is, I know she is on her way to a place that is so beautiful, where she can have all the orchids and magnolias and any other flowers she desires. With my grandfather by her side.

My mother also said that she is now "liberated" from discomfort.

And isn't that what we aim for? To be liberated? In Jivamukti Yoga, in which "jivanmukti" means "liberated while living" in Sanskrit, the goal is to be liberated and to live to benefit the lives of others.

Something for me to ponder on as I think about my grandmother in the midst of the busy holidays, and as I reflect on my dreams, goals, and intentions for 2010. How would I benefit the lives of others?

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