Friday, March 5, 2010

patient anticipation

I love this time of year.

It's the time for the "in-between". When I start noticing that the snow is slowly beginning to melt and the days are getting slightly longer. The birds are chirping in the morning. The sky is showing its vivid shade of blue. It's not quite spring yet... it's a couple of weeks more till the vernal equinox on the 20th, and I am eagerly but patiently awaiting spring.

Yesterday and today are unusually sunny days here in Northern Ohio. Sure, the trees are still bare, and there's still LOTS of snow on the ground. But I welcomed the contradiction between cold air and bright sunshine, the contradiction between deep snow on the ground and cloudless blue skies. I went for a walk and made friends with a delightful yellow lab (my dream dog, who I will have someday and will name "Summer").

I walked in the snow to photograph some trees, delighted that the snow was now just ankle-deep and not knee-deep. For a few moments, I ignored the cold that was seeping through my running shoes... and instead breathed in the freshness of the morning air, and the warm sunshine on my face. I breathed in the sight of the perfect blue sky. I breathed out my thanks.

There's something about that "in-between" time during the transition between seasons. This almost-but-not-quite time makes me so excited. It's a time to tune in to the little changes every day that lead us closer to spring. It's a time to enjoy waiting, and to accept that nature will unfold on its own... knowing and trusting that it will fulfill its promise. 

There is no better shade of blue than this.

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