Wednesday, July 21, 2010

love-filled day

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of being one of 2 photographers at a wedding. My first wedding to photograph! It was made even more enjoyable due to the fact that 1) the bride and groom were two of my good friends, and 2) my photography partner was also this very good friend! (as a side note, hop over to her blog for stunning food and travel photography)

I was anxious about this project the week leading up to the wedding. Partly because the bride and groom are my good friends and I didn't want to disappoint them, and partly because I felt unprepared for event photography. I'm the type of person who can sit in front of a plant, food on a plate, or some other inanimate object and take a dozen shots of it in a very relaxed manner. I haven't mastered portraits or action shots. And usually, when I embark on a project, I do lots of research and even organize everything into a 3-ring binder (which always amuses my friends).

But this summer has been crazy -- in a good way -- and I was not able to go into that level of preparation (i.e., I did NOT have a 3-ring binder filled with ideas and printouts and such). So I just kept telling myself to relax, be fully present and fully aware of what's around me, and just enjoy taking photos as I usually do. Not that I'm going into this direction professionally (yet?), but I had a blast! It was something I was happy to do for good friends. And the wedding was absolutely special, as you'll see below. I can't say I captured all the beauty of that day, but here are my attempts as a non-professional photographer...

bride's veil

veil detail

bride's shoes

I love that she wore Born sandals! It is so her.
No-fuss shoes for a garden wedding.

 dress detail 

The bride actually altered her own dress. 
Not surprising, as I once complimented her
on an LBD (little black dress) that she was wearing.
To that she replied,
"Oh you like it? I made it!"
Yup, that's the type of gal she is... 
I don't think there's anything she doesn't make.

 bride's jewelry 

The botanical motif of her necklace and earrings suited her so well, 
as she is an excellent gardener! 
(among the many other things in which she excels)


These were arranged by a friend of ours. 
Yellow, orange, and red were the theme colors, 
as they were the couple's auspicious colors in the Indian tradition.
(The groom is Indian)

bride's older sister/bridesmaid, 
tying on her sash

bridesmaid's dress detail

bridesmaids' bouquet...
with Indian bangles to match

 table centerpiece
with handwritten table cards

Almost everything was homemade and handmade.

ornamental, yet functional as paper fans for the summer heat!

handwritten food labels
to be clipped onto the dishes
It was an international vegetarian menu - 
Indian, Mediterranean, and American.
Food was lovingly prepared by the bride herself, family, and friends.
There was hummus, bread with homemade herb butter, dolmas, spanakopitas, Turkish lentil balls, fattoush (Lebanese salad), pav bhaji (Indian vegetable stew), an assortment of Indian chutneys, ratatouille, pasta with basil pesto, roasted potatoes, cabbage slaw.
Food supervision and plating was done by this friend.
I didn't get the chance to sample everything due to photography duties, but all the dishes I tried were delicious.

 lemon curd tarts with fresh blackberries

Yes, the bride made these too. Two large coolers full.
In addition to the 50 - yes, FIFTY - loaves of bread she made 
and stored in her basement freezer.
Friends helped by topping the tarts with blackberries before serving.

 basket for towels for the outdoor sink

bride's bouquet

  bride's bouquet

first dance

Congratulations, R & N!

 Everything about their wedding was so beautiful and one-of-a-kind. Due to its simplicity, the true meaning of marriage really shone through, and did not get lost in overwhelming details. I cried for the first time after a very long time at a wedding, when they said their vows.

Thank you to my friends, R and N, for the honor of capturing your special day in photographs. Much love and best wishes to you both!

*I deliberately did not post any photos with faces for privacy* 

**Feel free to view photos on my portfolio as well, in the "Celebrations" gallery.**

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