Thursday, January 6, 2011

a question a day

My dear friend Jen gave me this delightful little box of questions to think about.

In answering the above question, I found myself having difficulty settling on just ONE thing. Then I re-realized that there are so many things in life that bring me joy. It really doesn't take much...

In thinking about my response to the question, I wanted to really think about things that I don't feel like I SHOULD be doing. Just things I WANT to do.

Here's my short list:

  • a good stretch: sun salutations, as few or as many as I feel like doing; or a nice long yin stretch
  • a conversation with a loved one: whether just a quick "hi" to a long juicy update
  • a belly laugh
  • take a photo
  • read an excerpt from a favorite book
  • dance
This box is full of surprises... I'm going to have fun with these questions in the days/weeks/months that follow. Thank you, Jen!

What one (or a few) joyful thing(s) do you wish you could do regularly?

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