Thursday, January 20, 2011

when yoga and photography collide

 Photo by my dear friend - see her work here and here.

I've often written about how photography becomes a meditative act. I find that when I rush through the process and experience of photography, I also end up being unhappy and uninspired with the resulting images. And it makes perfect sense.

With all the high-tech photography gadgets out there, it can become easy to get caught up in the sparkle of technology. We are almost led to believe that we can control everything. But there are still things that are beyond our control. Such as sunshine. The way sunlight gently shines on dewdrops or the petals of a flower. Or the way it reflects on water. Perhaps a cloud moves and creates shade - and in that second, the light changes. Temporarily, at least. But this is why photography is an act of patience, reflection, and even a sense of submission to what is present. Which is why I think photography is about being mindful, aware, and... yogic. Photography, like yoga, is a chance to give thanks. To enjoy the moment. To be fully present in what is.

Anyway, my real reason for this post is to share this article about "The Slow-Photography Movement". The author could not have articulated it any better. Read it here.

Photo-op of photo-op
Taken by my dear friend Minnie, Maryland 2008

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Anne said...

aww hey i know that photo! ;-) thank you mia!

and how timely is this article?? i mentioned to you recently how i want to work on creating more "expressive" photos. but slowing down is the key! there's no process to it except to take a step back and let the subject speak to me.

Mia said...

Isn't it a great article? Yes - expressive photography. I like what you said about letting the subject speak to you... I'm no expert, but that's probably key! And if you think about it, in many other art forms (painting, sculpting, etc), it's a slower, more emergent process. Whereas photography nowadays -- with DSLRs and everything -- there may be more of a tendency to rush through it. Unless we really take the time and pay attention.

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