Monday, August 1, 2011


Ok, so it's been two times in a row - by two different people, in two different places - that I've heard the question (or variations of the question), "how does the Spirit move you?" or "how is the Spirit present in your life?"


I've written about this before in an old post. Funny how it's coming back. Like "God Winks," as a dear friend calls it (Thanks, N.).

Then, in a yoga class last week, the instructor talked about purna, which is a Sanskrit word that can be translated to "completion" or "fullness". We recently went through some very HOT days here in Cleveland (which to me was quite a surprise considering how much snow we get in the winter). And in relation to the recent heat wave and the fullest expression of summer, she then posed a question about our fullest expression as individuals. I see this as the meaningful exploration and use of my gifts - of that sense of Spirit moving me and being present in my life.

More to think about...

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