Tuesday, October 18, 2011

fill a space in a beautiful way (Georgia O'Keeffe)

"Fill a space in a beautiful way." -Georgia O'Keeffe, artist, 1887-1986

 Cleveland Botanical Garden

It's amazing how the words of others can reflect my inner state. I've been feeling the need for art lately - in many different forms. Interior design. Photography. Movement. There's something about surrounding oneself with beauty - not just for the external or superficial qualities but for the thought, spirit, and emotion that goes into art. Art elevates the mundane.

But at the heart of the matter is, how can we as human beings fill our "spaces" (whatever that may be - home, work, communities) in a beautiful way? Again, not with a superficial kind of beauty--but inner grace, compassion, and action that makes some kind of positive impact, that elevates the mundane for another person. An intention, a word, an act that reminds another person that "yes, the world is a beautiful place."

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