Friday, November 4, 2011

random beauty - art in the everyday

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." - Pablo Picasso

I was in a bad mood slump last week. At first I was blaming it on the gray, rainy, and dreary days we had here in Cleveland. Then I blamed it on poor sleeping habits. And then when I really thought about it, I realize I was missing art so badly. And truly, art does "wash away from the soul the dust of everyday life," as Picasso stated. My "everyday" is very cerebral, analytical, and academic. I needed the creative, the intuitive, the flow of energy that art gives me.

When I lived in Cincinnati, I soaked in the arts like there was no tomorrow. I was lucky that I lived in a part of town that was within 10-15 minutes of museums and galleries. It felt like I had art in my backyard. Add to that my Enjoy the Arts membership, which allowed me to get *heavily* discounted tickets to a variety of events around the city. Sometimes, I went on as many as 4 events in one weekend, especially with this fellow art junkie. I've even formed some amazing connections and friendships through art events.

I haven't quite discovered the art here in Cleveland. Sure, we have amazing museums, theaters, and even outdoor concerts. I've been to some of them. What I do miss, however, is the small, cozy art galleries, like this one I used to volunteer for. The "grassroots" feel of a community supporting local art. Street art exhibits. Indie musicians performing at coffee shops.

Granted, I haven't spent as much time exploring my new home city as much as I did Cincinnati. I'm sure it's out there. But in the meantime, I have decided to make art, in whatever form, a daily part of my life. Even if it's just simple, but beautiful things at home.

Whether it's happy yellow flowers (thank you, A.!) in a Mason jar, or a brightly-colored vase...

(what can I say... these yellow billy balls make me happy)

River stones...

 (A floating candle arrangement... the rest of the stones are to be placed in a vase later)

...and other objects from nature...

(and a card I gave A. for Diwali this year)

 (evidently, I have a thing for branches and twigs... and on the right, an original painting gifted by this friend and his wife, as a wedding present)

Displaying (and using!) my Ona pitcher instead of keeping it in a cupboard...

 (Seen on the left with my "fruit loop" fruit basket, by black+blum, gifted by a friend. Still trying to decide if I want 2 sculptural pieces side by side, or if I should let one stand out)

Using nice dinnerware, silver, and cloth napkins everyday (my mom always used to say, use the fine china and good silver, instead of using it only on Easter, Christmas, and New Year and storing it the other 362 days of the year)...

 (there's the Asian in me)

 (west elm's organic shaped dinnerware - each piece has subtly different curves... loving these low, wide bowls for weeknight pasta dinners... there's nothing quite like classic white china, a la Barefoot Contessa)

A book of poetry...

 ("a once courageous heart" by Kylie Johnson - a lucky find from Anthropologie. I'm not a very patient clothes shopper there, but I enjoy looking through their home goods or other odds and ends. And I LOVE how curated their store display looks.)
And some yoga art!

(actually a blank greeting card which I will mat and frame, to display in my yoga corner at home)

So why am I writing about all these material things on a so-called "yoga blog"? By posting these photos of "things", am I showing a life of excess? 

I beg to differ... I believe that things that are functional and used on a daily basis can also be artistic and beautiful. Because it feels good to be surrounded by beautiful and inspiring things. Because it's refreshing to come home to things that make me smile after a long day of work, or on days I work at home, it's energizing to see these things around me. Even if it's just river stones from the dollar store.

Happy Friday!

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Anne said...

amen to that! i think it was your place here in cincy that inspired me to try and do just what you described here :-)

Mia said...

There are things that inspire me in your house, Anne! Like your wine glass painting :)

Jen said...

I love seeing glimpses of your place in Cleveland -- I especially love the yellow ball flowers and blue vase! Like Anne, I felt very inspired by your Cincinnati home and the way that you thoughtfully but simply decorated. I hope you find some art in Cleveland; I just can't imagine you without it!

Mia said...

Thanks Jen! I can't wait to see YOUR new home too! I'm sure it's as cozy as your previous home, because of the people (and of course the very important canine member of the family) who inhabit it. :)

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