Tuesday, August 14, 2012

just do it already!

It's been quiet here on the blog over the past week or so, but life has been anything but that.

I've been (happily) covered in flour for the last few days.

I've had a new page in draft form for a while now, and for the past several weeks I had been debating with myself whether to publish it or not. Me and my indecisiveness... if you know me, you'll know that this isn't the first time you've heard me say that.

But over the past year I had been thinking, thinking, thinking about this little project... and I've vaguely mentioned it before...and finally, I thought, why not?

A. is always the one who gives me that extra little push in the right direction... he's the one who tells me, just do it already! And then I was even more inspired by Jen who is courageously going on her new venture, Kitchen 452. My other friend Anne who has gotten her work published in 513{eats}. And then there's Krishna, who launched her own catering company (though on hiatus during her 3-year European adventure). Sharon's writings on the zone of excellence and zone of genius. There is greatness all around me, from which to draw inspiration.

So I'm doing it. Here it is... click on the tab "SHOP" on the upper right corner to see the new page!

As you'll see, this is just a "teaser" announcement while my actual website is in the works.

Baby steps. Sometimes they are the hardest. But once you get over them, you just keep on going. :)

More soon!

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Dianne Khu said...

I'm so intrigued! Very inspiring Mia.

Ariel Tyler said...

How exciting! Those look so good!

krishwala said...

I am so excited this is up and running! Congratulations. I wish you all the luck for this venture and hope it runs like you intended it.

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