Monday, March 4, 2013

little milestones

So happy that the sun is out today!!! Even if it snowed here all weekend, I am so happy with the thought that spring is just around the corner... hope the sun is shining there too, wherever you are...

The past few weeks have felt like a marathon of sorts, work-wise. Surprisingly, things seem to have settled down by the end of last week. Last Saturday, I did have one work-related conference call on my schedule in the morning. After it ended, I actually said to A., (but really, more to myself), "I'm not going to work anymore today."

This may not sound earth-shattering to you, but it felt like a breakthrough to me. A little milestone. To actually say it out loud: "I am done working today" and then turn off my laptop, and not obsess about work-related emails the rest of the day. And more importantly, to not feel guilty about it. Because feeling guilty about not working keeps me from fully enjoying periods of rest.

This time, it felt really, really good. 

Do you have trouble "turning off" or letting go of work on weekends? Or are you able to set boundaries between work and rest? I'd love to know.

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anne said...

trouble turning off? yes, i am anne, and i want to confess i am constantly connected :D i can't begin to tell you how many times i've looked at my phone when i didn't receive any new calls or messages. i shudder at the number :-| i'm trying to get into the habit of just leaving my phone in the bedroom when i'm out in the living room so i don't get tempted!

Mia (Savor Everyday) said...

Hahaha we do need a club, don't we?

You know, what I realized from last weekend is that saying it out loud helps! It may seem silly, but when I said "I am done working today" out loud, I surprised myself that I actually made that decision - and I stuck to it!

But yeah I think the physical "separation" would help - I should try that sometime! Amazing how we need to consciously create physical distance between ourselves and our gadgets... what's the world coming to??? :)

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