Wednesday, January 28, 2009

2009: Take Action

(still having computer issues.... I wrote this on 1/19/09)

The past few years of my life have revolved around themes.... 2006 was about healing, 2007 was about finding joy, 2008 was about being bold (doing things I've never done, or that are outside my comfort zone). After some reflection, I think 2009 will be about TAKING ACTION.

I've spent the last 6 months being in a state of "limbo". Lots of uncertainty and ambivalent feelings about where my path is taking me. I feel like I've been sitting on my hands, thinking, waiting, and attempting to listen and look out for signs/possibilities/opportunities. A friend of mine calls them "God Winks." I like that.

I took some commitments off my plate last year in an attempt to "streamline" my schedule and prioritize. Unfortunately, that didn't work. I didn't get any more done than when I had more things on my schedule. In fact, I seem to do better when my calendar is more cluttered. With a full calendar, I procrastinate less, because I don't have the much-coveted luxury of A Lot of Free Time.

So, what to do this year... This entry is a little bit late for a "New Year's Resolution" blog entry. But seeing that I sometimes make resolutions on NYE and break one (or two or three) of them within the first month, I thought I better put more thought into this.

Here we go...

- Continue my research project
- Do another art show (maybe this spring?)
- Start teaching yoga again (one thing I took off my plate for the past few months... and I miss it)
- Set a reasonable amount of Internet time... reduce non-productive Internet time, especially if it starts interfering with my sleep schedule!
- I would love to take a weekend road trip/photography trip by myself – to a place that will make feel like I’m “getting away”, but also reasonably close. Asheville, NC maybe?
- Prioritize my health and wellness. Listen to my body: take stretching breaks at work after sitting at a computer, take more walks, indulge myself by taking a nap when necessary.
- Set aside some time each day (even just 5 minutes) to reflect, read something inspiring, or write in my journal.
- ACT ON possibilities. Or else they will remain merely possibilities. (this sounds vague, but it’s going to be a LOOONG story if I write it out in detail here)

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Yellow said...

Here's to many more GodWinks in 2009, and beyond! Miss you...

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