Thursday, January 29, 2009

investing in wellness

One of my “Take Action” steps is to invest in my well-being. I thought of listing “exercise more” as one of my action steps, and it surely is part of it… however, there are times when “exercise more” sounds more like a chore and then I think of a dozen excuses to get out of it.

I also remember that I did so much better when I was writing things down. When I was training for running, I had a piece of paper taped to my bathroom wall and I would log in my miles and cross-training sessions on it. And I’d feel proud of myself seeing my writing fill the once-empty boxes, one day at a time.

I’ve decided to do it again. Then I kept thinking of what to call it, besides an “exercise log”. Which again, makes it sound like a chore sometimes.

Instead, I’m calling it My Wellness Log.

Microsoft Publisher is a great tool. I create my own calendar, and personalize it with inspiring phrases and short-term goals. This month’s goals: “More Cardio” and “Sleep Better.”

I then write whatever I did for my wellness – whether it’s cardio exercise, yoga/stretching, or taking a nap when I need one (I usually don’t take naps, but sometimes I give in).

So far it’s going great. It reminds me to invest in my long-term health and wellness, which is definitely more than just a chore.

Thanks, J.L., for your inspiration on “focusing your energy”!

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