Thursday, April 26, 2012

happy birthday, dad

Happiest of birthdays to you, Dad...

You deny yourself things, yet you give the world to Mom.
You were a tough disciplinarian, yet you let us experience life and make mistakes.
You taught us to have high ambitions, yet keep our feet on the ground in gratitude.
You worked hard and came home tired, yet you gave us quality time.
You raised us with simple things, yet you gave us the luxury of traveling the world.  
You stand tall, yet you are not afraid to shed a tear (or two).

You have every gadget, mobile device, and communication app imaginable, but we know it's because you want to be present in our lives, no matter where we are... you are the glue holding us together.

my dad "giving me away" at my wedding, photo by Debra-Lynn Hook

You "gave me away" to get married, yet I know... you'll always be there to move mountains for me, as you always have.

Thank you, Dad. Much love.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Mia. I cried again because of this very meaningful and touching message. This is a great tribute a child could give to his Dad. I love you!!

Can I post this on Facebook?

Mia said...

Sure Dad. You're welcome :)

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