Tuesday, April 17, 2012


my nephew, 2006

So as it turns out, I need corrective glasses.

I didn't realize that you could have both astigmatism and farsightedness at the same time. Well, I do.

I was a little concerned about needing eyeglasses. I know there's nothing wrong with them. But I wondered if this is now the start of that slippery slope when my vision becomes progressively worse. I also didn't want to have to think about another health-related "thing" ("thing" = expense).

But I realize it's like yoga props. A sticky mat. Blocks. Straps. Sure, the yogis from hundreds of years ago didn't have all of those things that we now use (and that yoga equipment companies make $$ for), but we use them now to maximize the benefits of our practice. A block can make a world of difference, from struggling in a pose (or worse, being unsafe in a pose) to achieving comfort in a supported stretch. A strap can help with alignment and can help you stretch safely in ways that you couldn't have otherwise. I do love yoga props.

And I will love my glasses. Last Friday I lost a whole day's worth of work (and this is the last time I will stress out about "lost time") due to a headache. Seeing that I spend about 14 hours a day, on average, in front of a computer screen, I need some "props" that will help me work productively and comfortably. And not get headaches or annoying throbbing eyelids. So I'd say that's $ well spent (Now if only I can find the most ergonomically perfect chair for my ~5 feet height, for increased comfort and productivity at work.).

It will take 5-7 business days for my glasses to be ready (apparently the glare-free lenses take longer). In the meantime, let me crunch on some more carrots and load up on Vitamin A.

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