Wednesday, June 6, 2012

alfresco lunch for one, just because

Every now and then, I need a little change in my routine. Working from home has its advantages, but also its disadvantages... one of which is that I tend to go a little bit crazy towards the end of the week, after feeling cooped up for days (except for my walks and yoga classes). And I feel sorry that poor A. has to deal with it when he gets home on Friday evenings.

I went out to run a couple of errands today. It was a perfect day - sunny, breezy, 70-degree weather. After my errands, it was time for lunch... so I thought, why don't I have a pleasant lunch out?

So to banish the mid-week slump, I spontaneously decided to drive over to Flour, an Italian restaurant not too far from where I live. The host asked, "Table for 2?" And to which I responded, "no, for one." Why not, right?

I asked to be seated outside, because it was a perfect day for an alfresco lunch. The server greeted me and asked, "are you waiting for someone?" and I proudly said, "no, it's just me!"

Dining alone has its pleasures. As much as I love the company of my husband and friends, lunch is a great time to just be comfortable in my skin and in the company of my own thoughts.

It didn't take long for me to decide on what to have. Not too long after, this beauty came out:

Chilled, basil-infused canteloupe and honeydew soup: it was like summer in a bowl. (It was served with the canteloupe and honeydew in an almost perfect half-and-half division in the bowl; but I decided to swirl it for the photo above)

I do love restaurants that serve seasonal items. This was the perfect dish for a sunny day.

I was almost tempted to dine the way Italians seem to do - in courses - with the bread, the antipasti or starter, first course, second course, etc... but then that is certainly more enjoyable when the meal is shared.

I happily savored and finished my soup and my citrus-fennel salad, then went on with my day.

It's amazing what a difference a little change in routine can make.

What do you do to change your routine?

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Dianne Khu said...

I used to do this... but somehow, since I got married, I became too dependent. I miss these alone moments - it's very liberating.

krishwala said...

I completely agree because I am in that position these days. It's nice to mix things up. When (and that's a big when) the weather is nice, I've made a simple salad and taken it to one of the parks by my apartment for a simple lunch. I've invited friends to join but sometimes it's nice to do it alone too.

Mia said...

Dianne, I understand what you mean - married life is great, but alone time is healthy too! I remember I even used to go to art events/plays/the symphony by myself if none of my friends could come with me. I haven't done that in a long time!

Mia said...

Krishna, that sounds like so much fun - remember how we used to do that when we both worked in Cincy? For the life of me, I can't remember the name of the park...

Glad you're enjoying your park lunches! You're inspiring me to do the same... we have some great parks nearby.

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