Wednesday, June 20, 2012

happy summer solstice!

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The longest day of the year...

And we're having what seems to be a heat wave (90+ degrees) in Cleveland. It's usually more pleasant than this.

I've been working my butt off this week to meet some deadlines... and realize I haven't blogged at all this week. After we hit "submit", I have some really fun things to look forward to!

~Visiting my friend who just had a baby last weekend! She also asked me to take photographs of her little newborn Beatrice. The pressure is on...I hope I'm up for the task! I haven't taken any pictures of anything this week (SAD!) and I'm feeling a void... but a photo session with a sweet little newborn more than makes up for it. And I'll get to hold a baby - a tiny, yet incredibly amazing miracle. Can't wait!

~Our weekly produce pickup is on Friday. We are getting fresh peas again! Oh, and tofu - made in Cleveland! (By the way, I found a great resource on how to store produce in the fridge without plastic - there's a printable pdf file on the website)

~Harvesting fresh cilantro from our balcony herb pots - my herbs are growing! (with my not-so-green thumb, I can never tell what plants will make it... and of course as I'm typing this, I feel like I just jinxed it and now for sure my cilantro is going to bolt. Ok, think positive...)

~Joining a yoga class on Friday evening and we'll be doing 108 sun salutations for the summer solstice. (I'm sure I'll take a break and do child's pose here and there, so it won't actually be 108... but you get the idea)

~A. and I are going to Cincinnati this weekend to visit some of our old friends... who I miss dearly... and I miss my old stomping grounds.

Meanwhile, I am craving Jeni's grapefruit frozen yogurt. I don't think I have time to re-create it at home this week... a run to the store might be in my near future. And hopefully soon I can dig into this book.

Stay cool and hydrated, friends!

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