Monday, July 2, 2012

monday comic relief: when a man gets between a food lover and her food

So I have a reputation for loving food. So much that, at our wedding reception, both the best man AND bridesmaid's speeches made reference to it - they recounted, through one story or another (ok, there were multiple stories), that my love for food trumps my love for anything else.

Then my husband, who was watching TV one afternoon over the weekend, called me to show me this commercial.

He said, "Watch this. This is you".

Hmmm. Really? That bad??? (with the most innocent face I can muster... between mouthfuls, that is.)

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Dianne Khu said...

This is just too funny! My husband might be thinking of me the same way!

Anonymous said...


Mia (Savor Everyday) said...

Dianne: That's why we're friends! :)

Camille: I know... ako rin ROFL. Oh guess what, that is the very first time I used that acronym! Hahaha

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