Wednesday, July 18, 2012

the gifts of summer

There is no doubt that summer is upon us in full force. It is mid-July, after all. While it's easy to complain about the heat, summer is most certainly a gift here especially when we are prone to tons of snow during winter (thank you, lake effect). But enough about that. I'm not ready to think about the cold yet.

I'm grateful for summer because of...

... the scent that lingers on my fingers when I pick fresh herbs from the balcony.
...alfresco lunches.
... long days and cool evenings, when A. and I can take a walk outside after dinner.
...the summer harvest: Zucchini. Beets. Cucumbers. Mint. Basil. Tomatoes. Berries. Stone fruit.
...the daily opportunity to wear breezy dresses and sandals on pedicured feet (and related to that, toenails painted in bright summery colors, like here and here.).
...icy-cold green tea with honey and lemon, and fresh fruit smoothies.
...energizing sunshine on my bare arms.
...afternoons to enjoy ice cream while sitting on a bench outside.
...outdoor summer concerts, like here (did I mention they are FREE!) and here, where you can sit on the grass and enjoy a picnic while listening to some great music.
...weekend road trips.
...the breeze through the car's sunroof. 
...the chance to be by the water. Even if it's Lake Erie and not my beloved tropical beaches back home. It's still water!  
...sunlight through the trees.
...the tickle of warm grass beneath bare feet. meals, like here and here.
...the sound and smell of summer rain.

What are you savoring this summer? I'd love to know...

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Kristin said...

So good to be reminded of these blessings Mia! I am NOT a summer girl (I LIVE for fall!!), so I am prone to grumble my way through these hot months. I have a post just like this sitting in my draft folder, so someday soon, you'll see what I'm grateful for during these summer months :-) Hope your weekend is a great one!

Mia (Savor Everyday) said...

I LOVE fall too actually - such a pretty time of year. I think spring is magical and hands down my favorite of them all. But I do appreciate summer here because of our long and dreary winters (which can be really pretty too!). I guess I've just come to appreciate something about each season. Nature is just amazing...

Looking forward to your blog post about summer! Have a great weekend too.

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