Friday, February 24, 2012

happy Friday!

I love seeing art in unexpected places.

Taco Tonto's, a cozy and colorful Mexican restaurant in Kent, Ohio

A splash of color and dose of art on a gray Friday = happiness!

Photos of Mardi Gras and New Orleans on display, by my dear friend Debra-Lynn Hook

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Anne said...

that is such a fun place! love the color!
and congrats to debra on her exhibit!

Mia said...

Yes it really is a fun, bright place! Debra-Lynn's exhibit was great - she did solo images and also collages of portraits, houses, and other NOLA scenes. The colors of her images went so well with the backdrop of the restaurant. And the images really make you feel like you are there, witnessing Mardi Gras - but not in a one-dimensional touristy kind of way, if that makes sense - but it made me feel like an "insider" experiencing the layers of color, sound, and texture of the city - as well as the emotion, because some of the images are so intimate. (geez this is a long comment - I probably should have written it on the original post, right?)

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