Monday, February 13, 2012

information de-cluttering update

So this is my 2nd month of de-cluttering my technology use and so far, so good. I surprised even myself by checking facebook only twice over the past week - once on Friday, and once more during the weekend. Not so bad, if I do say so myself.

I'm definitely feeling the effects, in that it encourages me to stay in touch with people in more meaningful ways. Over the weekend I gave this good friend a call and caught up on each other's lives and other news. We also went to see a couple of friends for tea on Saturday, and had lunch with the same friends on Sunday. I think that's the most social weekend my husband and I have had over the past several weeks as we try to find balance with our very long working hours.

One might argue that it can be easy to do such things even with Facebook. Well, sure it can. However, I'm finding that interacting with people in more meaningful ways is more enriching to my life (and hopefully, the other person's life too). It can be all too easy to hibernate in the winter. And we all know how meaningful friendships and a support system are great for reducing stress and for overall well-being.

So. I'm working on making better choices overall, and trying to frame them in positive ways. I find that telling myself to choose something positive is more empowering than telling myself "NO _____". With that in mind, I ask myself: Does this activity serve as a mindless distraction, or truly enrich my life in some way?

Which made me think about the many ways I can choose something more positive in other areas of my life:
  • Does this food nourish my body long-term, or satisfy a short-term craving? 
  • Does this "thing" provide beauty or serve a function (ideally both) in my home, or add to my clutter?
  • Does this thought reflect compassion, or perpetuate harm? (I am my worst critic, after all.)
  • Do my words speak of kindness, or negativity?  
I guess unplugging does have more benefits than I expected... hope I can keep the positive choices going throughout the busy week (and months!) ahead. I realize that I will not make "perfect" choices 100% of the time, and that my not-so-good choices may not be intentional. But at least I can have these reminders to keep me on track, hopefully more often than not.

PS: An interesting article - The Joy of Quiet.

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