Friday, February 24, 2012

wholesome, homemade crackers

I've been loving this blog lately. The information she offers is informative, helpful, yet practical, accessible, and realistic. She also seems to "walk the talk" when it comes to health and fitness, which I find really inspiring.

One of her recent recipes is for homemade crackers. I for one love a crunchy snack, but never really liked the packaged crackers you can get at the store. A. and I have a soft spot for Stacy's pita chips, however, as a delivery system for hummus and other vegetarian/bean-based dips.  But I still do want to reduce my intake of processed/packaged food in favor of homemade.

In the past 3 weeks, I've made...

- 2 batches of the original combination, with rosemary and cheddar
- 3 batches with herbes de Provence and cheddar

My next experiment will be thyme, lemon, and maybe some other kind of aged cheese. Gruyere maybe? Or maybe cracked black pepper and lemon zest? I love recipes like this, in which I can play around with ingredients depending on my mood or what I have available.

I've been so addicted to these, but they are so good for you. The oats provide fiber, and the almond meal provides protein and calcium. The cheese provides a little richness to balance out the "roughage". And since I love extra virgin olive oil probably as much as Paula Deen loves butter, I added maybe a spoonful of olive oil and reduced the water to add just a touch more richness.

They are SO easy to make. I pretty much always have the ingredients on hand, and it makes our apartment smell like rosemary and other herbs each time I make it. It's a great snack option for my afternoon crunching habit.

Trust me, you'll love these.

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Anne said...

hahaha i love your confession about loving VOO as much as Paula Dean loves her butter ;-)

the flavor combinations you are playing with are drool-worthy!

speaking of olive oil, tried a slice of olive oil cake with meyer lemons recently. wow! i always thought the oil flavor would be overwhelming, but not at all. and who doesn't love lemons in cake?? :-)

Mia said...

On EVOO - YES! That stuff is liquid gold in my book :)

I absolutely love olive oil cakes in whatever form... my favorite is blood orange olive oil cake. It has the juice, zest, and segments (in small pieces) throughout the cake and it is SO good! I've never tried making an olive oil cake with meyer lemons though - mmmmm. I do love traditional pound cakes with good quality butter, but every now and then an olive oil cake is a refreshing change - it feels lighter somehow! :)

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