Sunday, October 14, 2007

Everything I Needed to Know, I Learned On My Yoga Mat

by Lisa Meece

If it hurts don’t do it- what comes from pain is not gain.

Being still is harder than it looks.

Observing without judgment is harder than it sounds.

Challenge can be fun.

Being comfortable starts with remembering to breathe.

Balance is not a still thing - maintaining balance requires constant attention and adjustment.

Good posture isn’t harder than bad posture, it just uses different muscles.

The right support can help you stretch.

Sometimes surrender is the only way forward.

If you can relax while you stretch your body, it will be easier to relax when something or someone stretches your patience.

Once you master one pose, there is always another – the practice itself is the only enduring goal.

Some poses will be easy and some poses will be hard and it’s that way for everybody.

Some days everything will be easy and some days everything will be hard and honoring the difference is part of the practice.

Relaxing feels better after you have had a really great stretch.

Stilling the mind is harder than stilling the body.

Silence can be more interesting than sound.

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