Saturday, October 27, 2007

a grain of salt

Last Friday I attended Bryan Kest's Power Yoga workshop. It's actually a 3-day workshop happening right here in Cincinnati, but since I am pressed for time I only attended one session.

Bryan Kest has a different, but very straightforward style in his teaching. One of his statements that stayed with me is:
"Yoga does not want to change you because it does not come from the perspective that there is anything wrong with you in the first place. All yoga wants to do is to take care of you."

On Saturday morning, I sat down on my mat in preparation for yoga and meditation. As I was breathing and finding my place of stillness, I thought, "Wherever I am now is where I need to be. And really, I'm ok."

I taught 3 classes in a row on Saturday, and had a great morning! One of the things I tried to emphasize yesterday in my teaching was being kind to yourself and being patient with yourself. I find that many times it is easier to be compassionate towards others, but not to myself. Sometimes we are our own worst critics. I think that should be balanced with being our own best cheerleaders.

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