Monday, October 15, 2007

yoga class on Thursdays

Ok, so it's more or less "official" now... I will be teaching a class every Thursday night in the studio Gratitude in Motion. It's going to be MY class! I'm getting excited! This is a big step forward for me, to actually commit to teaching a regular class at a studio... not just teaching groups of friends at home or at a park, or "subbing" for my fellow yoga teachers when they can't teach (which is what I've been doing for the past several weeks).

I'm going to give it a shot starting on October 25th until the end of the year, and then play it by ear in January. Hopefully I'll be able to continue teaching, but it will depend on my class schedule at U.C.

Just imagine... stepping into the studio in whatever state you're in (stressed? rushed? frazzled?), unrolling your mat, sitting down and getting centered, then finding your breath... and moving to your own breath, exploring your own range of motion, finding what poses are right for you, stretching to relieve stress, finding joy in your movement, and unwinding with a final relaxation at the end... all to relaxing music, candles, and the fragrance of essential oils. Aaaaaah. I know THIS is how I want to spend my evening at the end of my busiest workday!

Hope to see you on Thursdays at 6:30, at Gratitude in Motion!

photo taken by my friend & fellow yogini Jen, at Eden Park, Cincinnati

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cheesefondue said...

Hi Mia. Wish i can be there to join your class. This is a great beginning for your kind of yoga.

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