Tuesday, August 31, 2010

questions to think about

As I wrote in previous posts, I have been revisiting my journal from last year. I came across this list of questions that I reflected on when I was going through some major decision making. I wish I can tell you the original source, but unfortunately I did not cite the source when I haphazardly jotted down the questions.


  • How does this desire fit in with my greater priorities?
  • Is it beneficial to other people as well as to myself?
  • Will following this desire hurt me or others?
  • What will I have to give up if I follow this desire?
  • Does it take me closer to my higher Self, or will it create more barriers between my soul and myself?
  • What will I have to give up if I don't follow it?
  • What do I really want by getting what I want?
I thought these were great questions for thinking through decisions and transitions. (I left the Excel spreadsheet of pros and cons to my dad whose mind works well through numbers.)

How about you? What helps you make decisions? 

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