Tuesday, May 29, 2012

flash mob fantasy

So I have a little secret to share.

I'd like to be a part of a flash mob dance.

I think there's something so fun and refreshing about doing something totally unexpected. Though I'm generally reserved, I've performed in some way since childhood - ballet, gymnastics, dancing in high school. Which I know sounds like a contradiction in terms (being reserved and performing), but movement as creative expression is just something that inspires me.

Do any of you watch Modern Family? I don't watch it often enough (trying to be disciplined about my TV viewing time, especially with A. and I loving our House re-run marathons and NCIS marathons to unwind on weekends). But Modern Family just always cracks me up. It's such a smart, quirky comedy.

This is an old episode but I LOVED the Free Your Mind flash mob here. Of course, having a sentimental attachment to this song definitely played into it. I will say though that this dear friend choreographed THE.BEST. Free Your Mind dance routine for our senior year competition.

Anyway, here is the video...enjoy!

Oh, and this video has the dance in its entirety (without the dialogue between Mitchell and Cameron).  Though of course, what Mitchell says in the episode about his performance being his love letter to Cameron was really sweet. :)

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