Sunday, May 13, 2012

happy mother's day

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers everywhere... and all those acting in a maternal capacity towards others.

with my mom, circa 1979 (?)

Thank you, Mom...

... for letting me "bake" with you when I was 3, while you baked the highly delicate and sensitive Sans Rival, a recipe that almost requires a "do not disturb" sign for utmost concentration... and thank you for letting me have fun and make a mess in the kitchen.
...for letting me try different things as a kid - whether that was ballet, jazz, gymnastics, piano, tennis, swimming, etc... until I found what was right for me.
...for working so hard, along with dad, so that we could have a quality education, and travel the world as education.
...for showing me your eye for art, color, and design while I tagged along with you as you shopped for fabric and other design items for our home or for your friends' homes that you helped design.
...for teaching me the value of DIY projects, and how to grocery-shop on a tight budget. 
...for trusting me to find my way as an adult, and encouraging me to spread my wings - to succeed, or fail and get up again.
...for being with me on the phone despite being half a world away, so that I could cry to you.
...for instilling in me that the greatest wealth lies in our relationships and experiences, not in things.
...for teaching me that class and elegance is not what you wear or what car you drive, but what you say and do - and most importantly, how you treat others.
...for showing me that family takes precedence before all other things.
...for showing me how to be graceful under pressure (something I'm still constantly learning).
...for showing me how to have unshakeable faith in the darkest of days.
...for showing me how special the friendship is between mother and daughter.

And Happy Mothers' Day as well to my mother-in-law in India... who treated me like a daughter from day one.

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