Wednesday, May 30, 2012

a day of too much perfection

I love those transitioning spring-to-summer days.

Cloudless blue skies, 72 degrees. Everything just feels... alive.

infinite blue sky

It was one of those perfect days, in which I just wished I could spend the entire day outside (alas, I needed to work too...).

I walked for 15 minutes to the yoga studio, loving the warm sunshine on my bare arms. Attended a 75-minute vinyasa class. Walked back home afterwards, and on the way stopped at a store to pick up something we needed at home.

Made dinner. Without a real plan, but somehow it all came together. Don't you love when you end up with a delicious meal through improvisation? We had leftover tortillas from a previous taco night. Leftover Cuban black beans from another night. I had a potato. Some frozen spinach. Pureed tomatoes which turned into a mole-inspired sauce. We ended up with spinach, black bean, and potato enchiladas. Yum.

Ate dinner.

Went on another 30-minute after-dinner walk with A. Enjoyed the cool evening while laughing at silly jokes, as we always do.

Came back home and had some lavender honey mascarpone ice cream. (It was good, but I'm still making some tweaks and adjustments to the recipe... will post another time.)

I love days like this.

"Thank you for a day of too much perfection." (from the old movie Bed of Roses)

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