Tuesday, May 1, 2012

happy anniversary

circa 1970's (?), photo taken by...?

Celebrating 41 years...

And celebrating with wanderlust, as always. My parents are now in Hong Kong en route to India. I hope I get to travel even half as much as they do when I retire 40 years from now. 

Photo by eyesopenwide

 I love this photo of my parents (above), from my wedding. They are not facing the camera, yet I know they are smiling.

Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad!

You truly raise the bar. Much love.

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cyberlaundry said...

Yes, they are smiling! I can tell! :)

Oo nga, same anniversary sila nina Mom and Dad! Another lovely coincidence that I love.


Mia said...

Camille - YES! It IS a lovely coincidence. Happy anniversary to your parents too!

Hugs back :)

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